TJ Room Parents


Sign up to be a TJ Room Parent! We are still recruiting for the 2022-2023 school year for classrooms without a room parent. Please review the open slots below and email Sharon Lee to participate.


The contact information of all room parents is available in the Directory


Third Grade:



Lead room parent: Shannon Falkner 

Assistant room parents: Melissa Scibetta, Agnes Icker 



Lead room parent: Jen Hayes

Assistant room parents: Bailey Walsh, Stefanie Bonastia



Lead room parent: Anna Staritsina

Assistant room parents: Sherri Erman, Sara Osean


Kwiatkoski: Open


Rafael-Calderon: Open


Fourth GRADE:



Lead room parent: Kate Rinaldi

Assistant room parents: Emma Davis, Karen Walsh



Lead room parent: Nicole Olshefski

Assistant room parents: Mercy Ferrer, Sharon Lee



Lead room parent: Jessica Umbriac

Assistant room parents: Donna Grutt, Meg Lembo



Lead room parent: Anne Shimmon

Assistant room parents: Melissa Pappolla, Heather Hanna


Lagos: Open



Babula / Graham:

Lead room parent: Stephanie Brumby

Assistant room parents: Amanda Plummer, Alison Barber


Curcio / Gutierrez: 

Lead room parent: Missy Archuleta

Assistant room parents: Wendy Kallio, Kerry Hershberger, Stephanie Vieira, Karyn Hennessy


Milesky / Critelli:

Lead room parent: Laura Cook

Assistant room parents: Donna Pukash, Lene Dahl


Kelly: Open





Co-Room parents: Louise Russ, Evelyn Costello


Specialist Room Parents:

Lauren Taylor (Fluck, Brown), Lisa Levitt (Mamolen), Alissa Walmsley (Reuther, Polcara)